The Admin in Magento 2 has been updated not only in terms of how it feels (with its new modern fly out left hand main menu) but also in terms of its features that are included.

If you manage products on a regular bases, you will be familiar with the ‘Grid View’ that allows you to filter and sort products based on a predefined set of Attributes:

Attribute Set

Whilst these offered a decent level of control – often you want to see more, or filter or sort by other Attributes.

Well in Magento 2 you now have the ability to add any Attribute to the ‘Columns’ or ‘Filters’ options in the Admin.

First you must make sure that the Attribute is set up to allow the display, by changing the settings in red below within the attribute:

cost Product Attributes Attributes Stores Magento Admin

Then you can select the Attribute from the ‘Columns’ Drop down:

Orders Operations Sales Magento Admin

If you want to see this in action have a look at our short video showing this in detail.