As you may will have heard on the news, a security vulnerability has been identified that affects SSL certificates used on websites that show the https:// in the address bar.

SSL / HTTPS are most commonly used on website pages where you enter sensitive data, such as log in details and passwords.

The vulnerability is reported to have been known about for 2 years but only just publicly announced, and it is suggested to have affected between 17% – 40% of all websites using SSL / HTTPS.

It is NOT a flaw in your website, or the websites you visit (no matter what software it’s built on) rather the underlying technology that is used commonly by millions of websites.

Website hosts are patching Servers and reissuing SSL certificates. Unless you host your site yourself you should contact your Hosting Support team to check on the progress of this.

Then the best advice being given is to reset any user names & passwords that you use on-line, this is to ensure that in the unlikely event that it has been accessed, the information will be out of date.

It goes without saying that you should NOT use the same user name & passwords on more than one website, tools such as LastPass & KeePass make this easier if you have lots to manage.