If you want to gain more market share you need to be not only getting more traffic but also improving the conversion rate by improving your service.

Shipping options is an area where improvements can be made, and need to be made. In a ComScore survey only 2% of shoppers said that shipping offers did not affect their purchase decisions.

So, what should you offer?

The following options give a balance between costs and service:

1) FREE Shipping – yes FREE! However this would be via a slower delivery method and could even be combined with a slower fulfillment process. Free shipping give you a good headline option in your checkout appealing the price savvy shopper.

2) Express Shipping. A small charge for a timed (e.g. 2-3 business days) service, offers a balance between price and service and an expect delivery date which appeals to the broad number of shoppers.

3) Premium Shipping. Not only a faster service but with a timed delivery window, so customers can choose a day / time to suit them. This service will appeal to professionals and time limited shoppers who want service over cost.

These 3 are just the start, weekend options, hand delivery and more should be considered after you have researched the market place you are in.

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