If you use Paypal as a payment option on your Magento store, there will be a time when you need to resend your IPN’s

IPN’s (or Instant Payment Notifications) are triggered when an ordered is paid for in Paypal and are sent back to your Magento store to complete the order and payment process.

If for any reason the IPN fails then your order in Magento will show as ‘Pending Payment’ and you will not be able to process the order.

Thankfully re sending the IPNs from your Paypal dashboard is an easy process:

To manually resend an IPN from your PayPal account follow these steps in your PayPal account:

1.) Log in to PayPal
2.) Click on the “Profile” link.
3.) Look under the  “Seller Preferences” click on “Instant Payment Notification Preferences”
4.) Click on IPN history page link
5.) Thne Use the calendars to select a date range and click the search button
6.) You can either bulk select all in the list by checking the top box or pick just one order.
7.) Click on “Resend Selected” and you are done.

Then check your order in Magneto and if a failed IPN was the problem it should be fixed, if not there are other possible reasons for this, also you might want to know why the IPN failed in the first place…