Magento Upgrades (1.x)


Latest Fixes & Features

Giving you the most secure and feature-rich version of Magento.

To allow you to benefit from the most recent features and security updates we can upgrade your Magento store to the latest release of Magento CE. 1.9 with a minimum of downtime.

The process is done in 3 Stages

Stage 1) UPGRADE TO 1.9 – From £295 + VAT*
This is done on a test / staging area of your website and will result in a 1.9 version of your site which then need to be fully tested by yourself and any issues reported.

Stage 2) FIX AND TEST – £TBC This is subject to the issues reported. This might require that your purchase extensions upgrades from the extension Vendor and / or development work, which we will quote for. (Note: There may be no cost at this stage, but typically a cost of £395 + VAT is normal,

Stage 3) GO LIVE – £295 + VAT
This normally takes place from 2am GMT to be completed outside of busy hours, and is normally complete by 7am GMT, however the time this takes is dependent on the size of the site.

* The cost is subject to the Version of Magento that you are upgrading from.