If you are working on a new website that is not yet live, often you want to make small changes to some of the labels found around your Magento Store.

Magento is great at Multi-stores, where you could for instance have different languages being used on different store fronts.

To help aid this, Magento uses a ‘Locale’ – this is simply a number of CSVs that have the translated values for many of the front end text labels. For example, the default text in the search box is “Search Entire Store Here…” but you might want to say “Search Our Store”

If you click into your Magento Admin and click System > Configuration > AdvancedDeveloper and select the ‘Translate Inline‘ section you will see 2 options

If you choose ‘Yes’ for ‘Enable for front end’ and then save the changes and refresh your browser view of the front end of your site you will see a small icon to the left of many of the text labels.

If you click the icon you are given the option of changing the text – then once you have saved and refreshed your page you should see the new values.

This feature works for the front end and the back end text labels in Magento – but bear in mind that the front end will be editable by any one who is using the site, so its really only for sites that are not yet live or if you can temporarily limit site access to just your traffic (via an I.P. for example)

We hope that helps and if you want 1 to 1, or group Magento Admin training online or on-site (UK Wide) please contact us.

Note & Disclaimer : As with all configuration changes, test changes on a staging site before deploying to live and make sure you have a full back of your site includes SQL DB and files and directories and the ability to restore this data if needed.