Shopify Build & Migration

Fully hosted and supported

Shopify is a powerful ecommerce platform that is fully hosted and supported by its creators ‘Shopfiy’ – this means you have control over your costs, without any nasty ‘software upgrade’ or ‘security patch’ requirements coming out of the blue.

We have been using Shopify for many years as it suits clients with a lower budget and less technical functional requirements or ones that want to dip their toes into Ecommerce without a larger commitment.

Being a ‘hosted platform’ means that your do not get the full control over features and functionality that you would get from a ‘self hosted platform’ such as Magento, however you can plug in additional ‘apps’ to extend your store with many of the more common needs.

All of our Shopify stores are fully responsive (mobile friendly) and use secure SSL (https) across the whole site – adding further reassurance to customers who shop from them.

If you want to get online and start selling fast we offer rapid Shopify store builds which start from only £999.99 and can migrate Magento CE 1.9 store to Shopify from £699.00